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Kelly Kopp

Hi, my friends,

My name is Kelly Kopp...which makes me a New York City Kopp. 

I moved to this amazing city 7 years ago and I am loving every moment of it. I love to share my knowledge of the city with everyone.  I design my tours to be fun, informative, and interactive. I want everyone to have a good time and come away with great memories. I also believe we do not have to speak the same language to have a fun tour, because laughter is universal.

Tour Guide/Professional Photographer

I am both a licensed New York City tour guide and a published, professional photographer, who enjoys exploring every part of the city.  Every photo on this site has been taken by me; in fact you may have seen some of my photos on Instagram. Additionally, my photos were featured in the 2017 book New York City on Instagram.  My favorite Statue of Liberty photo is also featured in the 2019 book The Statue of Liberty: The Monumental Dream in the new Statue of Liberty Museum on Liberty Island. I feel my work as a photographer really enhances your tour experience.  As I guide you about the city, and I also guide you in taking the perfect photos each and every time. For those of you who would like to be photographed: you're in luck.  I am there to take your photo with some of the most amazing backdrops in the world. You'll return home and show all your friends and family what an awesome New York City photographer you are!

Social Media

I am active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You will always find me no matter what social media platform I am on, because my name for each of these sites is "newyorkcitykopp."  I do live videos all over New York City three days a week on my New York City Kopp Facebook page.  Recently I was on CNN discussing the recent New York City blackout.  Aside from my videos being informative and entertaining, I also love interacting with people, such as yourself, from all over the world. My videos are very helpful with New York City tips and suggestions. They can help you get ideas of the places you want to see and the photos you may want to take. I am here to help you truly enjoy New York City and have fun with you along the way. Hope to see you soon! 

I want to help make your trip to NYC as stress free as I can


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Brooklyn Bridge/Brooklyn Bridge Park


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World Trade Center/Oculus


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NYPL, Bryant Park, GCT


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